Spectrum uses advanced tools that help many SMEs

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

When it comes to business solutions, spectrum always in front line to help the clients.

Online Solutions

We use more online solutions to support our SMEs.

MYOB online & QuickBook online are major accounting software we provide to our clients. These Software are very easy to setup and business can start using it with few minutes /hours setting. It also comes with very attractive pricing where business can afford it without any hassle ,also it includes monthly fee option , Cloud access & mostly unlimited users.

What more you could ask for?

Changing trends in Marketing

There was a time companies needed to allocate big budget for marketing,but with the new technology and applications you reach more audience /customers for a long term :

  • Facebook paid promotion ( 50$ Advertisement )

  • Connect to Instagram & Twitter

  • Email campaigns

  • Creating an attractive Website and connecting to other applications

Nowadays, just with few hours work you can take your business,products & services to the global audience,that is the power of social media marketing.

Less time & More Analysis

There are times top management & Executives need to work for hours to produce various business analysis reports and dashboards. Thanks to new application such as Business analysis apps which mostly works along with the accounting software, where you can produce colorful reports on profitability ,Inventory and various comprehensive analysis just a click of button.

We can help you to simplify & improve productivity of your Business

Love to discuss more ? Good news!

You can simply send us an email about to business & solutions requirements. we can start from there and soon you will see how the things are improving in terms of Accounting , Business Plan , Tax Solution and Marketing.

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