Covid -19 - SME support

BLP approved service providers in the following areas can apply for subsidies of up to 100% to assist clients (new and existing), through this challenging period.

Priority areas are the following:

  1. HR impacts on operations: immediate term health and safety emergency planning; workplace safety; work-from-home strategies; sick-leave and business continuity and remote communications; flexible arrangements, austerity measures, temporary staffing.

  2. Business contingency and business continuity planning: Mitigation of business interruptions and suspension; off-site relocations’ risk management strategies, insurance, data security and alternative business income and diversification.

  3. Financial planning: cash-flow management; renegotiating finance and loans; long-term financial impact planning; taxation, applying for national governments’ or international relief programmes and funding.

  4. Export/Import: supply chain management.

  5. Communications and marketing: crisis communications, business interruptions and customer engagement.

  6. Digital transformation: New websites, access to cloud-based solutions for market linkages and communications.

  7. Business Coaching: Online free consultations on continuity planning, adaptation and mitigation in the face of COVID-19.

We want to encourage you to visit the BLP Portal; it was designed to provide our operations and services online. On the portal, you can access the Business Health Check, register as a service provider, apply for subsidies and access online learning and staff training.

Please, let us know the challenges you are facing, and we will do everything we can to assist. Businesses in the Pacific Islands are resilient; we can survive this because we’re in it together.

Stay safe, increase your distance, but look after each other…

…and wash your hands.

Spectrum is an Approved BLP Advisor

We can help you on above areas 100% free of cost as it is funded by BLP

Contact us:

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